We Only Invite Professional Artists that you’ll find performing in well-known Gigs such as Tootsies, The Stage or Dierks Bentley’s “Whisky Row” in Nashville or Touring the US orInternational Gigs

Holiday Inn @ Vanderbilt Map available during the Booking process.
Note: This Hotel has a great Music City Restaurant Bar with an active Singer Song Writing scene most any day especially weekends.

Yes, we will have Onboard Security.

Yes within 2 blocks and a 2 minute walk.
*Please bring what you believe you’ll reasonably consume in a 2hr NashTours™ Experience!
*Please keep in mind per our GigBus™ Rules** that Absolutely we Can & Will 86 or Nix you (Look it up) if Any guest becomes to Intoxicated per our GigTender™ observation!**

**The GigBus™ is NOT A BYOB ONLY (No BYOB, Liquor or Wine allowed.)

**NashTours provides a vast selection of the most popular beer brands (4 servings per guest maximum/included in the package price).

**The GigBus™ provides cups, ice and coolers; host assistance provided by a professional GigTender @ The GigBar.

**All guests agree to adhere to GigBus™ Rules**


GigTours/NashTours reserves the right as absolute to remove any guest who does not adhere to GigBus rules. For the safety of all passengers, any guest who becomes intoxicated before or during the Experience tour (as observed by the GigTender™ or NashTours staff) will not be permitted to board and/or may be required to depart the Experience tour.

Yes we include* hosted by our professional GigTender™ @ The GigBar™
*Snacks Available upon request
*Cut Lemons, Limes and some standard mixers

We Travel through and around Downtown and Music Row area.

Yes we will make select stops in a Safe place as well our Artists will perform a song outside the GigBus™

Yes it is but we’ve modified specifically for the NashTours™ “IWTB™ & SWS” Experiences.

Really cool but to find out you’ll just have to show up.

Yes, we do but the Number 1 rule… No Number 2.

Yes “What Happens on the GigBus™… Stays on the GigBus™”

“I’m With The Band”® & “SongWritting Sessions”
* Gigtours and I’m with the Band is a Registered Trademark of Gigtours, LLC

Yes and it’s The GigPig™
*If you rub its nose or tail it gets Giggly™

ALL GUESTS MUST AGREE/SIGN & COMPLY With the NashTours™/GigTours®/GigBus™ RULES Agreement & Sign Waiver before FINAL CONFIRMED BOOKING!

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